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What Are Elements™ Signature Classes?
Head-to-Glow barre-based fitness workouts. A results-driven luxury experience. Go ahead, work up that luxury sweat! Elements™ Signature Classes combine barre, dance, and total-body fitness conditioning that gets results fast!
What is Sexy AF™?
Want to look Sexy AF? This 25-minute cardio dance class utilizes a high-energy, interval-based formula that includes a choreographed warm-up, isometric floor work, and core building exercises. Smoke up the mirror with our high-intensity dance merged with our ultra isometric exercises. Release your inner sexy and leave dripping in sweat. Sneakers are required. 80% Sweat + 20% Tone = 100% Sexy
Is it challenging?
Yes, every class is challenging, but you can work at your own pace!
Can I take class if I have an injury?
Yes, just let us know before class begins so we can offer special modifications for you.
Can I take class if I am pregnant?
Yes, we offer prenatal modifications as well as a wedge pillow for expecting moms to use during classes.
Do men take the class?
Do you sell clothes?
Yes! Some of the activewear brands we sell are Vie Active, Prism Sport, Lucky Honey and Vimmia. We also have pop-up shops in the studio.
Any Questions?
We will respond within 24 hours.