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Head-to-Glow barre-based fitness workouts. A results-driven, luxury experience. Go ahead, work up that luxury sweat!


This Barre/Pilates inspired class fuses ULTRA isometric exercises and interval training with the principles of yoga, strength conditioning, and Pilates core work. Based on Elements™ signature formula, all exercises are sequenced together to achieve increased strength and conditioning. Resistance bands, blocks, and mats are utilized during this class. Barre socks are required.
60% TONE + 20% SWEAT + 20% STRETCH = 100% FABULOUS


A high-energy 60-minute barre based dance cardio fitness class. The class consist of dance interval training that utilizes a choreographed warm up, isometric floor work and core building exercises.
60% Sweat + 40% Tone = 100% Sexy


A higher intensity formula pairing our signature toned class formula with non-stop cardio, strengthening, and conditioning sequences. This class includes work on and off the barre and is more challenging than our open level toned class. ​Barre socks are required.


This is a 55-minute stretching and strengthening class focused on lengthening and stretching. Utilizing resistance bands and the barre, we focus on elongating the major muscle groups and stretching the accessory/stabilizing muscles to achieve a long and lean physique. This class pairs well with our signature and advanced barre formats. Socks are required.
70% Stretch + 20% Tone + 10% Strength = 100% Fabulous


Elements SUP Barre™ is a unique and challenging SUP fitness class. We pair Elements signature barre exercises with challenging SUP techniques. We work to achieve high levels of balance, body conditioning, and maximum calorie burn all while enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Proper paddling attire is required (no cotton). No jewelry strongly recommended.
70% Sweat + 30% + Tone = 100% Fabulous

25-minute Quickie Workouts where Every Body Rules!

SWEAT AF EXPRESS CLASSES - Give us 25 minutes and we’ll give you the world. Fast & effective customized workouts for Type A personalities.


Sweat AF Express Series is comprised of our intense express series classes, 25 minutes of sweat, tone, and stretch! Release your sexy and best body for a quick and sweaty 25.00 dollars!
Express version of The Elements™ Signature Series


If you want to get toned in a hurry this 25-minute class fuses ultra isometric exercises and intense interval training with the principles of Ballet conditioning and Pilates core work. Based on Elements™ signature TONED formula, this express class gets you hot and sweaty while pulsing at the barre and burning on the mat. Barre socks and sneakers are required.
100% Tone = 100% Sexy


Want to look Sexy AF? This 25-minute cardio dance class utilizes a high-energy, interval-based formula that includes a choreographed warm-up, isometric floor work, and core building exercises. Smoke up the mirror with our high-intensity dance merged with our ultra isometric exercises. Release your inner sexy and leave dripping in sweat. Sneakers are required.
80% Sweat + 20% Tone = 100% Sexy


The Ultimate cool down: this is a 25-minute stretching and strengthening class focused on lengthening, elongating, and releasing your best body. Utilizing resistance bands and the barre we focus on elongating the major muscle groups and stretching the accessory/ stabilizing muscles to achieve a long and lean physique. Socks are required.
80% Stretch + 20% Toned = 100% Sexy

Signature Series Pricing

5 Class Package
10 Class Package
20 Class Package
7 Day Unlimited
Monthly unlimited
Monthly Summer Unlimited